Welcome spring: Get outside and fire up your grill

Temperatures are rising and that can only mean one thing — it is finally grilling season. From casual get-togethers with friends to sit-down dinners, here are some tips for getting your grill on.

Prep your meat indoors
Use brines and marinades to add zest to your recipes before swiftly transferring your meat to the grill. The malty, hoppy flavor of a Rickard’s Red complements the sweetness of a spicy dry rub. You can also always use a beer in your brine to ramp up your recipes.

Choose meats that have quick cook times
Let’s face it — spring in Canada can still mean cooler temperatures. To cut down on time spent standing outside, select thinner cuts of meat that grill quickly, like pork loins or chicken breasts. Select recipes that can be finished from the comfort of your kitchen once the meat is cooked to perfection.

Warm up the grill in advance to get it ready for action
Give your grill extra time to warm up, especially in cool weather. A properly heated grill will help to reduce food from sticking. It will also help you get a quick sear, to lock the juices in your cut of meat and keep it from drying out. Grill with the lid down for faster cooking and grab a beer to make the waiting time more enjoyable.