Stay healthy holistically

By Helen Christos

Health is a mind-over-matter situation for all of us. The bottom line is that if something is amiss, emotionally or psychologically, it translates into physical illness. This is especially true if you have sensitivities that make you susceptible to “strange” physical manifestations that seem like illness but really can often be dealt with by emotional means.

Meditation is important for everyone because it allows us to release whatever is weighing us down and to embrace the positive light in the universe. It is essential to take a few minutes daily, if possible, to release your negative thoughts; your health will undoubtedly benefit in many ways.

Physical issues that are truly physical can result from good intentions and bad choices. Fad diets should be avoided if at all possible. Eat a healthy diet for your own individual needs: fruits, fresh green and yellow veggies, and good protein. Avoid too many carbohydrates.

Preventing Cold Weather Blahs
Cold viruses, influenza, dry indoor air, harsh weather extremes, and a lot of other things make your throat ache at this time of year. But luckily you can remedy this problem easily. For example, if you are working or surrounded by sick people, drinking strong licorice tea cuts your risk of catching a sore throat bug significantly. Licorice tea kills germs on contact and calms irritated pain nerves. To make this tea, just simmer a licorice root tea bag in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Drink to good health. For a different flavor, you can try licorice and peppermint together; tastes yummy!

If you still hurt, why not try a sweet potato mash. These potatoes are natural immune system boosters. They contain carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in your body, a vitamin so powerful it helps to produce white cells, which kill germs and reduce recovery time significantly. All you have to do is eat about ½-cup of mash daily. You may cook it any way you like – the benefits are the same.

Another sore throat natural healing remedy is seabuckthorn berry oil. Twice daily, morning and night, use 1 tsp of this oil, which will heal a sore throat in 48 hours. The oil contains palmitoleic acid, an essential building block of healthy throat cells (sold at your local health store or pharmacy).

Throat scratch, ticklish? Try eating fresh pineapple. If you don’t have fresh, canned or frozen still helps.

Nowadays, there exists a variety of healthy natural products in the marketplace claiming different cures. This makes one confused knowing what to buy, so the best advice I give you is to consult your health provider before buying any product. Only a health professional has the appropriate knowledge to help you make the right choices.


Helen Christos, or Lady Helen, as she is known to her clients, is a multitalented and humanitarian lady who was born in Greece, the home of medicine and philosophy. Helen was educated in her homeland, Canada, USA, and Concordia University. Her philosophy is that for someone to learn quickly the best way is to be involved. Helen became many things to many people. For the last 25 years she has operated a private consultation service on holistic health and natural beauty to individuals and companies. Helen is the author of two books on these topics and on medical astrology. Her clients are often amazed at the accuracy of the vital information offered. For those who wish, contact Helen with your questions at:, and include your date of birth and phone number.