Gerry Dee to bring comedic stylings to Durham

By Chris Jones/Active Senior’s Digest

Gerry Dee is making his way across Canada to put on a show. Alone. On a Stage.

The veteran comedian and actor began his latest nationwide tour in St. Catharines on earlier this month and will finish in Kitchener on Saturday, May 2.

Dee has also been named the host of Family Feud Canada, a role he just started in December.

“It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve filmed probably 10 to 12 episodes already, and maybe more,” he says. “It’s not something I didn’t expect, but I just didn’t know how much fun I’d be having… it’s a blast.”

He explains he’s incorporating his own brand of humour into the show, but has also been studying the work of Steve Harvey, the host of the U.S. version of Family Feud.

“It’s very helpful to watch him and see where he does it and when he does it, but obviously my humour’s different and I’ll have different things to respond off of, but we’ve had some
really funny moments already,” says Dee.

He believes it’s a balancing act to take on such a different role, but he’s learning more and more with each taping.

The former star of the CBC sitcom Mr. D explains he’s always working to keep his stand up routine fresh, and hone his craft because being on stage is where it all started for him.

“I’ve never stopped, I love doing it, and I’ll never stop as long as I can do it,” he says.

Dee hopes audiences will get a lot of laughs out of his show.

“I talk a lot about being a father, and a husband, a lot of things I think people can relate to,” he explains. “It’s not hard to follow my act, and I’d say I’m generally fairly clean, I don’t get really dirty on stage, so it’s pretty safe if you’re in high school or older to come.”

Dee is excited to touch upon some new topics in his act.

“I’ll bring some of the new stuff I’m working on, and some of the stuff some people haven’t seen,” he tells Seniors’ Active Digest.

Dee will be making several stops during his tour, and he is excited to be making two appearances in Oshawa, where he says the largest show of his career took place.

The first show in Oshawa will be at the Regent Theatre on Thursday, Feb. 20, with the second show on Saturday, Feb. 22.

The comedian is aware Oshawa has been dealing with its own trials and tribulations as the city’s General Motors assembly plant closed down at the end of 2019.

“It’s tragic. It’s such an important part of Oshawa, for Canadians. I mean, I drive a GM,” says Dee. “It’s just when you think of Oshawa you think of GM, and when you think of GM you think of Oshawa. I know that’s going to hit families, and it’s tough, but hopefully a night of laughs is something that can ease that a little bit.”

He adds his show won’t be able to solve any problems personally, but he hopes it will help to ease some stress for Oshawa’s residents.

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