How to recover from the flu

Flu season is upon us, and for the one billion influenza cases that happen each year, the road to recovery can be a tough one. While most cases last seven to 10 days, the flu can last up to two full weeks.

Jacklyn Villeneuve, registered dietitian, and Jennifer Kutten, pharmacist at Loblaws share their tips for recovering from the flu.

Stay home and stay well rested.
The flu takes a lot out of us and getting plenty of rest will help with recovery.
“If you are feeling any symptoms, it’s very important that you stay home,” explains Kutten. “Staying home and resting have the added benefit of curbing the spread of illness.”

Drink plenty of fluids
Fluids fuel your immune system by helping move important proteins around your body. We’re also losing a lot of them in the form of mucous or sweat when we have the flu. “While there are no hard and fast rules, do your best to get plenty of liquids, whether they come in the form of tea, soup or plain old water,” recommends Villeneuve.

Cancel your caffeine and alcohol consumption.
Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics that may work against your efforts to stay hydrated. “Skipping that glass of beer or wine with dinner may help you stay better hydrated,” advises Kutten.

Consume foods with the right vitamins and minerals.
It takes a lot of work for our bodies to fight the flu, so getting the vitamins and minerals we need is important both to strengthen our immune systems and recover from illnesses.
“Vitamin C, zinc and vitamin A contribute to a good immune system and overall health, so foods that contain them are a good place to start,” suggests Villeneuve.
Avoid the flu altogether.

The flu shot is still your best way to avoid the illness, so stop in at your closest Loblaws and get vaccinated today.