Look and feel good at any age

Tired of being bombarded with anti-aging messages? Get ready to flip that script. We’ve rounded up the best practices to embrace the natural aging process and help you live your best life, no matter your age.

Make healthy food choices
Did you know gut health may play an important role in healthy aging? Nutritionists recommend focusing on good bacteria in the gut. Incorporating fermented foods like yogurt and kombucha can help promote good gut bacteria. Raw veggies and fruits like kale, spinach, kiwi and pomegranate are high in fibre and chock-full of antioxidant vitamins A and C to help support gut health.

Revitalize your smile
Keeping your smile healthy is key to your confidence, and your gums play an essential role since they are the foundation of a healthy smile. Choose a toothpaste that prioritizes gum health, like Colgate Renewal Gum Revitalize. It features a new, specialized formula that helps reverse early gum damage and reduces bleeding and inflammation for healthy and revitalized gums.

Take care of your skin
As we age, our hydration levels drop and we need more external replenishment. Hyaluronic acid is a great hydrating ingredient and many products formulated with it advertise that they improve the feel and appearance of skin. Vitamin A derivatives like retinol can also help correct fine lines, sun damage and dullness. But the number one thing you can do for your skin is use a good sunscreen every day. A radiant complexion is exactly what the doctor ordered.