A tale of Auschwitz

The Child of Auschwitz by Lily Graham

Grand Central Publishing

Soft Cover, 230 Pages


A powerful and emotional story of the tragedy of life for Jewish in the camps during the occupation of Nazi Germany in the Czech Republic in 1942. This fictional story inspired by real events tells of a young woman’s journey to find her husband Michael who was taken to Auschwitz six months before she boarded a train to find him.

Eva had no idea what awaited her but she was determined to find the love of her life. Once in the camp, she befriended her bunkmate Sofie. Knowing it could help her friend find her husband, Sofie befriends a guard who manages to arrange a brief encounter between Eva and Michael. When Eva finds out she is pregnant, the two friends vow to look after each other’s children should one of them die in the camps.