The bond of sisters

Sisters of ShilohSisters of Shiloh
By Kathy & Becky Hepinstall
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers
244 Pages, Hardcover

Real life sisters Kathy Hepinstall, author of four other novels, and Becky Hepinstall team up to pen this wonderful tale of two sisters bound to each other out of love and devotion.

Libby and Josephine become recruits in the Confederate Army – one to avenge her husband’s death, the other to protect and watch over her younger sister. During their time in the army, “Joseph and Thomas” must endure things never experienced by women of their generation. They are forced to disguise themselves as men and keep this secret despite the struggles they endure in battle.

But it is during this time of darkness they each grow to find themselves and emerge as strong and capable individuals.

While one learns to cope with the grief of the loss of her husband, the other sister finds her own love on the battlefield.

This tale keeps you completely engaged as you discover the strength of their sisterhood and the depths they will endure to protect one another.

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