A dying heiress and her fortune

book_unfortunatesThe Unfortunates
By Sophie McManus
Picador, Pan Books Limited
Soft Cover, 353 Pages

Cecilia Somner is dying. The wealthy heiress of a family fortune made from rubber needs a succession plan, with little hope from her two grown children, George and Pat.

While in hospital, CeCe has time to think about her steely disposition and how this has affected her children, who we come to know through a series of comical, yet tragic events.

Author Sophie McManus creates this dynamic group of characters to show the corruption of wealth and the inequities of poverty as the story unfolds about this matriarch, her two children and their families.

Witty dialogue allows us to develop affection for all these oddball characters as they try to cope with all that life throws at them. This is a good summer read.

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