Seniors Talk with Sgt. Sheri

Sgt. Sheri Tate, DRPSBy Sergeant Sheri Tate/DRPS

When I started my job as senior support coordinator for the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) two years ago, I had so many new things to learn about, such as the Substitute Decisions Act, the Long Term Care Act, the Community Care Access Centre, the role of the Public Guardian and Trustee and how to be a talk show host. Wait a minute. Be on television and talk with real cameras? Yes…that’s right I had to learn to be a talk show host for the local Rogers cable television show: Seniors Talk with Sgt. Sheri.

Not being one to back down from a challenge, I quickly researched this aspect of my job and I received some helpful tips from my predecessor Sgt. John who started the show.

I had to think of show topics that would interest older adults, ask people to be on the show and write the script. It was all rather nerve racking and exciting at the same time. Thankfully, the show is NOT live. So if I or a guest makes a blunder we can cut, edit and start again.

I just completed my 20th show. Some of the topics have included the following:
1) Older Adult Missing Persons and the police response to these emergencies;
2) Ministry of Transportations new over 80 Seniors Driver’s License Program;
3) Advocacy Centre for the Elderly;
4) The Care Giver Perspective;
5) the Alzheimer Society, and
6) the Region of Durham Age Friendly Community Initiatives.

In the future, I plan to cover the DRPS Mental Health Response Unit and the DRPS Senior Christmas Committee.

Now to get to the point of my article. I am always looking for older adults to be on the show from Durham Region to discuss how they are aging gracefully.

Maybe you are a member of a senior citizens club, or maybe you started a great program that helps older adults and to give back to your community.

Or perhaps you have been a victim of elder abuse and you would like share your story which can help empower others to do the same.
Please, please please…call me or email at 905-579-1520 ext. 5624 or state” if you are interested in being on the show.

If you have specific questions about the dates and times for the shows, please contact Judi Calow via email at