A senior couple on the run

Accidental Fugitives
The FBI’s Most Wanted Seniors
By J. David Cox and Sally J. Davies
OTG Publishing
Softcover, 243 pages

A trip to a friend’s home in the Sonoran Desert goes horribly wrong when vigilantes enter the home these Canadians are staying in and attempt to arrest them. Caught unaware, Charlie and Nance are alarmed by the gun-totting duo and take things into their own hands to protect themselves. It turns ugly for the vigilantes and suddenly, Charlie and Nance are on the run.

This is fast-paced police-chase style fiction about migrants in the southern United States after President Donald Trump orders all immigrants out of the country. Mexicans and all visitors to the southern states are targeted by vigilantes in this fiasco to round up the aliens. The Canadian snowbirds are just one of many caught in the web of American politics. It puts them on a run for their lives to safer grounds in California and then on to Canada.