Medical astrology and the Bible; Holistic health and your astra-sign

By Helen Christos

Medical astrology and the Bible

The principles of medical astrology are a bit complex for the average person, but we can, however, establish a general idea about the connection of the signs and our health. This will help us understand more about ourselves, our illnesses, and how to alleviate them, making an effort to prevent the physical and emotional illnesses. It’s much easier and more effective than curing them at the time.

Holistic health and your astra-sign

Astonishing astrological studies once more revealed that the names of our astra-sign truly comes from the Bible; scripture is filled with references to the creatures, which serve as signs of the zodiac, and indeed by studying these biblical texts relating to them, we can easily be more healthy, happy and successful. In addition, by using certain foods which are more favourable to our astra-sign, we are able to maintain our body weight in an ideal balance for better health and looks.
Some of you may have noticed that there are times when all works well for you, and also that there are times when it is just the opposite. Some moody days occur when these trends are linked to the planet’s movements through the signs and houses.
In astrology, timing is everything. The most important factors are deciding the perfect time to begin a venture or avoiding starting one during the void of the moon, as it is called. As the moon makes its way through the signs of the zodiac, it makes aspects or irregular relationships to the sun and the other planets as well. It is known that the moon enters a void period just the moments after it makes its last major conjunction to one of these astronomical bodies and it remains void until it exits the sign.
Void of course moon periods are considered as inactivity when potential seems to stall or slow down. You may ask how long it takes. A void can be as brief as a few minutes or last for more than a day. Regardless of the length of the void of course moon period, you should keep in mind that whatever ventures launched or decisions made under its influence seem not to live up to the initial promise.
Sometimes activities that have begun under the void produce unexpected results and not the kind you may prefer. For that reason, you should avoid signing contracts, making plans or purchasing items. It is well known if you ignore this rule, you will see your plans derail. Routine things can proceed smoothly, creativity is good as well. Meditation, yoga, psychotherapy and other things that promote relaxation are all excellent during the phase of course moon void.
Don’t forget to include prayer, which is particularly potent during the new moon and full moon.
It is advisable to launch a new project just after the new moon, preferably within 24 hours. By doing so, you can ensure the project’s longevity. The full moon is in contrast and is more suited to inner problem solving, as well as creative reflections. It can be a time of great insights.
Good blessings to all!

Helen Christos, or Lady Helen, as she is known to her clients, is a multitalented and humanitarian lady who was born in Greece, the home of medicine and philosophy. Helen was educated in her homeland, Canada, USA, and Concordia University. Her philosophy is that for someone to learn quickly the best way is to be involved. Helen became many things to many people. For the last 25 years she has operated a private consultation service on holistic health and natural beauty to individuals and companies. Helen is the author of two books on these topics and on medical astrology. Her clients are often amazed at the accuracy of the vital information offered. For those who wish, contact Helen with your questions at:, and include your date of birth and phone number.