Holistic health and beauty

By Helen Christos/Columnist

If you want to live up to 100, and even beyond, feel spry and happy, and who knows, perhaps dance on your next birthday, here are the tips you must follow according to ‘longevity’ research.

First, cut down on fatty meats and substitute with fish protein as often as possible. Fish contains special oils which protect your brain as well as preventing heart attacks. You can take fish oils in capsule form after consulting your health professional. He or she will make a recommendation based on your personal lifestyle.

Try using virgin, olive, sunflower, sesame and coconut oils. Research has shown these oils help lower cholesterol without lowering beneficial high density lipo proteins (HDLS)
Many scientists believe a high level of HDLS may prevent atherosclerosis, which is where plaque builds up inside your arteries. Substitute vegetables and nuts for meat and dairy products, except for plain or low-fat yogurt.

Increase your intake of foods high in beta-carotene, like fresh carrots or other juice, spinach, broccoli and cantaloupe, in order to prevent heart disease and cancer.

We are lucky today to have many choices in the variety of foods available to us, but just the same, try to keep your calorie intake and weight at a healthy level to help slow down the aging process.

Knowing the value of different foods can add years to your life. Be aware of your nutrition by buying wholesome, nourishing foods as opposed to unhealthy, lifeless foods packed with additives, preservatives and other hidden ingredients.

Learn how to read labels and stay away from foods with ingredients that you don’t know or can’t pronounce. The fewer the ingredeints, the better.

Beware of salt, specifically in butter, cheese, and margarine. It is also present in many processed foods, dairy products, breakfast cereals, and sweets. Salt, in excess, will cut down your life span.

What about alcohol you may ask? Alcohol in small amounts may even be beneficial, but in excess, drinking can shorten your life.

The human body defies our logic. It seems to function with a wisdom that truly perplexes us all. We know that many have died from something as simple as a mosquito bite, while others have survived a poisonous cobra bite. Those who want to live will survive incredible blows, but the body cannot fight well without the mind’s full cooperation.

Certainly when we reach the middle years and beyond, health is a little harder to come by. It does require a great effort to attain and maintain it as well.

Remember, dear readers, that those who are able to follow the golden rules of health, they do really live much, much longer.

May you live a long and joyful life.