Working together

By MP Colin Carrie

With the 43rd general election now behind us, we go back to the House of Commons to kick off our 43rd Parliament. However, the outlook is much different than last time. This time, the balance of power does not lie on Justin Trudeau’s government. Canadians have put Justin Trudeau’s government on notice and want more accountability. Our Conservative team is ready to hold their feet to the fire to ensure that the government does what is right for Canadians.

This previous election, many issues were brought forward to me by Oshawa’s residents from all walks of life. At the doors, seniors all over Oshawa raised their concerns about the federal carbon tax, which is essentially a tax on everything. Many of our senior citizens now lived on a fixed income, and this carbon tax puts them in a position where they have to pick and choose between different essentials. This is simply not fair. The Liberal imposed carbon tax has affected the affordability of everyday products.

Whether it is groceries, fuel, home heating, taxes, or general consumer goods, everything has gotten more expensive. The Liberal government has done nothing to address this matter
except raise taxes and impose red tape on small businesses who employ and feed hardworking Canadians. We will continue to advocate for lower taxes and less red tape. Our team is focused on helping investment stay in our country, not leave and set up shop somewhere else.

Conservatives will also keep fighting for affordability. We will continue to oppose Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax and fight for our different economic sectors. Whether it’s our manufacturing in Ontario, or our energy sector in Alberta, we have your back.

For this parliament, we have a chance at getting it right. We have a chance to work together with members of all parties. So far, it has worked out. The very first motion we introduced was an opposition motion that called for the creation of a special committee on Canada-China
relations. The motion was sponsored by our Conservative team and received a majority of votes in the house with support from all parties. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to work hard to make sure our government does what is best for all Canadians, from coast, to coast, to coast.