Canadians are second most compassionate in world

A new global study ranks Canada as the second most compassionate and caring countries in the world.

Conducted by MyPostcard to determine the Most Thoughtful Society, countries were rated on many factors that demonstrate thoughtfulness and its level of phyanthropy at home and internationally.

Canada rated second overall, just behind the Netherlands. Following were Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Iceland, Ireland and The United States.

Each country was rated on individual factors, like its propensity for charity, international donations, its social security benefits, education system, child support, its ability to care for its senior population, and more.

While Canada was number one for its state or government run elderly care facilities, it did not even rate for elderly support from family. For that category, Saudi Arabia took the number one spot.

Canadians provide top rated education to our youngsters, although we are not the most gender equal, but we are compassionate and like to volunteer to help others.

Canada rated in the top 10 for most other categories to earn its second place overall standing.

Countries with laws that impede upon human rights or make no effort to fix systemic flaws related to human rights were not part of the survey.