An oldie but goodie

Spoonhandle, by Ruth Moore

Island Port Press

Soft Cover, 367 Pages

This novel was originally published in 1946 and propelled this author to fame, fortune, and more great books. It is well worth the re-release and hits this reviewer’s list of top summer reads. This compelling story is set in a tiny Maine fishing village and tells the tale of generations of townfolk, in particular the Stilwell family, during the Great Depression. Based on reality during that difficult time in history, fictional characters depict the struggles between the wealthier “summer” class and those coping to get by in an isolated coastal area. Brought to light are the value of their waterfront properties, which have mostly been handed down for generations, and what a quick payout can do for temporary relief in difficult financial times. There are also the conflicts of the Stilwell family which is rooted in tradition by must learn to adjust to a changing world in order to survive and keep what’s important to their way of life.