Senior couple loses home in fire

A Newtonville couple has lost their dream home in a devastating fire and a GoFundMe page has been set up to try and help them.

The fire at Beata and Kevin’s home, a couple in their 60s, broke out on the evening of Sunday, May 16.

“This was their dream home, a cabin in the woods and their retirement fund,” reads a letter on the GoFundMe page set up by Beata’s daughter, Sava.

She notes the couple lives in a small town in Newtonville, Ontario where there are no fire hydrants, and while the fire department did the best they could, “they ultimately had to just watch their house burn down until it was gone.”

“The fire happened so quickly they weren’t even able to get out items like their IDs or cell phone, and worst of all, the cats got spooked and all hid,” she writes, adding they’re still waiting to find out if any of them survived.

“As a couple in their 60s, this is heartbreaking at this age as this home was their nest egg and if the insurance company doesn’t give them anything, they are truly left with nothing,” Beata’s daughter continues.

As of May 25, $1,521 had been raised on the GoFundMe page.

A second GoFundMe page was set up by Kevin’s nephew, Mike, to help support the family as well. As of May 25, $3,305 had been raised so far on this page.

“Unfortunately the house fire claimed everything, including my uncle’s home office, his workshop for his woodworking hobby,” he writes.

“We cannot help raise money to bring back family heirlooms, family pictures or in this extremely sad case, pets that couldn’t make it out in time, but it can help get necessities they need, such as clothes, toiletries, or whatever things are needed that were lost.