Fall into healthy habits this season

Autumn is the season of change; colourful leaves and cozying up your home for the winter to come. But did you know it’s also a great time to get on board with a healthier lifestyle?

Even if you’re not going back to the books, the return-to-the-grind mentality is infectious and can ultimately help with your motivation. Here are some ideas to get you on track to a healthier lifestyle this fall.

Start in the kitchen. A good diet is linked to lower risk of cancer and other illnesses. It also simply helps you feel good, with increased energy. As the weather sends everyone huddling indoors, soup is a delicious comfort food you’ll be craving that is easy to make and is packed with nutrients. Look for a broth that’s low in sodium, adding your favourite veggies and low-fat protein like beans or turkey breast.

Develop a plan. Whether it’s going for a walk around the block, hitting the gym or trendy workout class, schedule physical activity into your day planner, making sure you stick to it. You can also set aside some time to batch-cook healthy meals for the week, allowing you more time to enjoy relaxing activities, like reading or painting.

Boost your immune system. Get ready to stand up to the cold and flu season that’s right around the corner by incorporating a few immune-boosting activities into your daily life. Eating a wide variety of antioxidant-rich seasonal produce, getting enough sleep and exercise and making sure to relax, will go a long way towards warding off upcoming bugs.


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