Stepping up for United Way

More than 9,000 people from across the region ascended 1,776 steps up the CN Tower recently, helping individuals across York, Peel and Toronto rise from poverty to possibility.

United Way Greater Toronto held its annual CN Tower Climb and there were some interesting, diverse seniors who took part.

Richard, 68, climbed the CN Tower in United Way’s very first event 41 years ago, when stunts like carrying up pianos and refrigerators were part of the festivities.

After being diagnosed with polio as a child and expected not to live, then expected never to walk, he makes a point of walking any chance he gets.

He and his daughter have made it a family tradition to climb together anytime they are both in the city. In fact, his daughter was climbing in utero, when her mother was six months pregnant.

Four other seniors over the age of 80 climbed the CN Tower as well, including Denis, who’s recently had knee surgery and has been training by climbing up and down his building 10 times in a row. He says he wanted to prove to himself he can still do it.

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