Consider donating this summer

Canadian seniors are being called on to consider donating to their favourite charity this summer.

CanadaHelps, the leading facilitator of online donations in the country, which directly supports numerous charities across Canada, is appealing to seniors, as well as all Canadian residents, to consider donating a portion of their tax refund to a cause close to their heart.

The average tax refund is about $1,600, according to a CRA report; donating even a small portion of this will go a long way to helping the community during this low time of year for donations.

According to CanadaHelps, donation rates are on the decline with a 25 per cent donation rate in 2006, compared to just 20 per cent in 2015, with those aged 45 and older showing the largest decline in donations.

CanadaHelps supports all Canadian charities and offers a variety of ways in which to donate, including a one-time or monthly donation, donating to securities or mutual funds, giving a charity gift card, fundraising for a charity, and supporting humanitarian crisis relief among others.

Canadians can donate to every charity in Canada – more than 86,000 charities – with more than 19,000 charities depending on CanadaHelps’ fundraising efforts.

CanadaHelps has been a trusted charity, informing, inspiring and connecting charities and donors with the causes they care about, for more than 18 years and has facilitated more than $1 billion in giving.

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