New online tool to help Canadians prevent cancer

It's My Life! Stop Cancer Before It Starts

A new online tool released by the Canadian Cancer Society provides an interactive experience to help educate about cancer prevention

The Canadian Cancer Society has created a new online prevention tool.

The new tool –It’s My Life! Stop cancer before it starts – provides an interactive experience to help educate Canadians about cancer prevention and empower them to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk of developing cancer.

The new online tool it the first of its kind in Canada and comes on the heels of a recent study conducted by Cancer Society-funded researcher Dr. Carolyn Gotay. The study highlighted the need for innovative online tools to better spread awareness about the prevention of cancer, according a news release.

“We know that Canadians turn to the Internet to learn about health,” says Gotay, director of the Canadian Prevention Centre, a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and the University of British Columbia. “This interactive online tool provides reliable, evidence-based information about cancer risks and how to reduce them.”

Visitors to the new online resource will answer questions about their lifestyle and the tool gives them tailored cancer-prevention information and tips. At the end, users are encouraged to pledge lifestyle changes and to share their pledges on social media.

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