A labour of love and hate

The Perfect Nanny
By Leila Slimani
Penguin Books
Soft cover, 228 pages

After staying home for a time with her two young children, Myriam decides she can’t stand the monotony any longer. A chance encounter with a former fellow law student turns into a job offer and she is off to find the solution of child care for her two-year-old daughter Mila and infant son Adam. Myriam had struggled with being home with her two children in their tiny Paris apartment while her husband Paul was at work. The bills were piling up, along with the toys and all things child related. Myriam did her homework and found a highly recommended Louise who would become a nanny to the children.

Described as a miracle worker, Myriam began to rely heavily on Louise, who worked late at any opportunity without complaint, who sang sweetly to the children, immaculately cleaned the apartment every day and made life for her and her family so much easier. But as time went on, there were signs of trouble brewing and jealously and resentment began to mount. What unfolded in this gripping tale is every working girls nightmare. This is a definite page-turner.