How to stay healthy naturally

By Helen Christos

The first essential for vitality, physical well-being, and protection against disease and deterioration with passing time is an adequate diet.
Right eating is Health Rule No. 1

What we eat and how much determines body resistance. The care and repair of our human is directly related to proper nutrition; therefore, improved nutrition means improved health, increased vitality plus vital resistance. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, means inferior health, while superior nutrition means, of course, superior health.

Natural organic food and protective food supplements make such an important to superior nutrition their benefits become self-evident within a reasonable period of time.

The quality of our nutrition determines the quality of the life within us. True enough, nutrition is not the only factor to be taken into account. All of the other essentials of health like pure air, sufficient exercise, rest, and mental attitude must be considered as essential. But, just the same, nutrition remains the dominant factor.

Studies show that locally grown garden and fresh fare is not only cheaper and better tasting it also contains lower levels of pesticides and preservatives and certainly have higher levels of health-promoting antioxidants, which curb your appetite and speed up the cleaning process. It is exactly what you wish for, don’t you!

Did you know that eggs contain choline, which is necessary to synthesize a key brain chemical called acetylcholine, which speeds our thinking and sharpens memory?

Did you know that black beans contain lots of fibre and protein, which help stabilize blood sugar and build up your energy? No more fatigue!
If you wish to trim your waistline, eat a few slices of fresh cucumber, alone, or in your salad, they contain silica, which stimulates the kidneys to flush the toxins and all the excess water.

Red wine helps to reduce the production of heart-damaging inflammation compounds.

So, drink your wine in moderation or eat black grapes.

To all those who wish to keep healthy and fit, here are a variety of veggies, delicious colourful fruits, and condiments that help you achieve your goal and keep it as long as you want to. It is really up to each individual.


Spinach. Revs energy. Its special mineral, manganese, can stimulate the thyroid’s output of the hormone, thyroxine, which fights fatigue.

Kale. Fortifies our bones. It contains vitamin K, which helps the absorption of key minerals and thus significantly reduces the risk of bone fracture.

Butter Lettuce. Helps the body flush false fats and contains electrolytes.

Romaine Lettuce. Improves our digestion. It contains two types of fibre – cellulose and inulin, which help the movement of waste through the GI tract.

Tomatoes. These gems are great not only for our health but also for our beauty. Due to each content of lycopene, which protects the skin from damaging UV rays.

Carrots. Probably your gramma and mother told you to eat your carrots so you can have strong, beautiful eyes. They were so right! For centuries and for the future, carrots are the guardian of our vision. They contain beta-carotene, which protects and repairs retinal tissue and thus cutting the risk of vision loss.

Bell Peppers (all colours). Reduce allergy symptoms because of their high content of vitamin C, helps block the output of the histamine compound, which brings on sneezing and itchiness.


Grapes. What they do: increase pep. Grapes contain resveratrol, which enhances the activity of the cells’ energy engines thereby greatly enhancing our stamina.

Strawberries. These gems help block the storage of fat due to their content of anthocyanin. They manage to this by turning off fat promoting enzymes in the body; this helps us stay slim, deliciously.

There are many other fruits that produce health benefits, such as:

Bananas (contain potassium).

Blueberries (vision protector).

Apples (contain antioxidants).

Cranberries (antibacterial – treat and prevent urinary tract infections, kidney stones and ulcers).

Oranges (An excellent source of vitamin C, folate, and potassium; important for pregnant women. They also contain hesperidin, which may lower triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels).

There are also numerous others that we are not able to list here. So dear readers, you are to choose according to your health requirements, age, and activities, and after taking the advice of your health professional.