Living in a shadow

book_aviators_wifeThe Aviator’s Wife
By Melanie Benjamin
Bantam Books, a division of Penguin Random House Canada
Soft Cover, 429 Pages

This novel is based on the story of Colonel Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne. Author Melanie Benjamin has taken her research of the very famous couple and woven it into a fascinating story of their lives, beginning with their first meeting. It is told from the perspective of Anne, who reveals how she was captivated from the moment she met this larger than life individual, known as Lucky Lindy, for being the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, in 1927.

During the years, Anne learns to fly and gets her pilots license, learns navigation skills, and is very much part of her husband’s success, although she was never recognized for her achievements. It takes her almost a lifetime to come to grips with living in her husband’s shadow and to gain the confidence she needed for her independence.

This is a fun and fascinating read.

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