Coming to terms with a tragedy

Paper Ghosts
By Julie Heaberlin
Penguin Random House
Hard cover, 342 Pages

This page-turner by Julie Heaberlin, a former journalist and author of four books, has you hooked from the get-go.
The story is about a young girl whose sister Rachel, at 7 years her senior, disappeared without a trace one day. The discovery of a photograph links her to a famous photographer who she believes killed her sister and many other young girls who disappeared over the years. She sets out on a mission to convince him to confess the crimes she believes he committed.
Carl Louis Feldman is now living in a halfway house and could be suffering from dementia. The only way she can get him to go on this journey of discovery is to lie and tell him she is his daughter.
The would-be serial killer agrees to the 10-day trip under a list of conditions and they set off together in a rented car around Texas so she can lead him through his past in the hopes of re-igniting some of memories. She is ready for this and has trained hard in order to protect herself against this killer.
But despite all the training, she is always one step behind and she gets more than she bargained for in this fast-paced novel.