The beautiful art of macramé

Macramé at Home
By Natalie Ranae
Page Street Publishing Co.
Soft cover, 167 pages

This glossy craft book on the art of macramé is chock full of photographs of how-to illustrations and completed projects to give you a glimpse of all the possibilities available. The muted tones and soft airy layout make this book easy on the eyes and easier yet to pick up this craft.
This young author gives instruction for all sorts of projects like wall hangings, pillow covers, planters, mats and home accents. The many knots and patterns are covered here in a format that makes it easy for anyone to learn. You can pick up the square knot, the double half hitch, the overhand, reef and gathering knots plus many more through the detailed instruction with photos.
The author also gives suggestions in order to develop her existing patterns by offering up various ideas like changing a colour and varying materials so you can insert your own brand of creative into your project. For those who haven’t practiced macramé in a number of years, this is a nice way to relearn a craft that is easy to do, fun and cheap on the pocket book. It also gives a nice outcome for your home in a relatively short time frame.