Reinventing the Great Escape

book_great_escape_ted_barrisThe Great Escape: A Canadian Story, By Ted Barris

Thomas Allen Publishers

Hard Cover, 288 Pages

The first thing many people think of when they hear The Great Escape is the movie starring James Garner and Steve McQueen. However, author Ted Barris is out to show the movie portrays a somewhat inaccurate account of what really happened on the night of March 24, 1944.

Barris tells the story in excellent detail of a group of 80 men who plotted and successfully tunnelled their way out of a German prisoner of war camp.

Using memoirs, interviews, diary entries, photographs and other means, Barris stitches the pieces of history together to give the reader a realistic account of how this story was born.

Accounts of the tunnelling operation, techniques the prisoners used for blackmailing the German guards, and a look at the blanket of secrets the men threw over the operation to keep it quiet are all explained in Barris’ book.

The work succeeds in telling the story of these men and setting history straight, highlighting that many of the men involved in the great escape were in fact Canadians.

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