An assortment of books for dummies

Planning for Long-Term Care for DummiesPlanning for Long-Term Care For Dummies, by Carol Levine

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,

Soft Cover, 323 Pages

In this version of Wiley Brand books for Dummies, the author shares how to plan for long-term care by explaining how to prepare financially for the road ahead and how to navigate the healthcare system. Levine looks at the legal documents needed, like wills, and how to evaluate housing options. While this book is written for an American audience, many of the principals are basic to any country, however you do have to take care when reading about legal and other areas that could differ greatly in Canada. There are some very interesting lessons to learn here, like the 10 myths of aging, and the book covers so many different areas, including how to modify your home, who to turn to for help and more.

IPad for Seniors for Dummies is another self-help book published by the Wiley Group. This large print book tells you how to navigate an iPad, how to get connected, browse the web and use email. It also discusses video calls with FaceTime, an amazing way to connect face-to-face with family. It will show you how to play games, watch movies, share photos and listen to music. This basically gets you up and running and into the future with technology.

IPhone for Seniors for Dummies gives you all the details you need to make you phone-savvy with iPhone versions 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6. It explains how to use email, social media and FaceTime, although on this format the screen is very small and more difficult to see who you are talking to. You can also use this iPhone in the same way as an iPad for music, games and Internet, but, again, the screen is smaller. These phones have a lot to offer and this book gives instruction on uses you may not even have thought of, like GPS for directions.

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