A look at Ontario

book_discover_ontarioDiscover Ontario
By Terry Boyle
Soft Cover, 227 Pages

Author and journalist Terry Boyle uses archives from a radio show he did called Discover Ontario, which was on the air from 1987 to 2004, to tell the stories of hidden and unusual sites around Ontario. There are lots of fun facts on places in the province, including the mysteries of Long Point and strange creatures that swim in our waters.

Boyle recounts legends of early explorers and settlers, including stories of large water snakes that measured about six to nine metres, found near St. Catharines in 1829. There are also various creatures seen in other lakes that dot the province, like the “strange creature with three eyes, three ears, a big fin halfway down its back, two legs and a large tooth in front”.

There are stories of alien encounters and hauntings, plus general information on the history of some towns and the feisty characters who live in them.

This book is packed full of great stories that make up this vibrant part of Canada.

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