The tale of the masterpiece

book_the_muse_fullThe Muse
By Jessie Burton
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Soft Cover, 334 Pages

Odelle Bastien has spent five years in London trying to find a place for herself while developing her skills as a writer. In 1967, her life is about to change when she enters the Skelton art gallery and meets Marjorie Quick, who gives her a job as a typist and takes her under her wing.
The elusive and enigmatic Quick is in the midst of helping Bastien to reach her writing potential when a lost masterpiece is delivered to the gallery.
This masterpiece holds many secrets that date back to 1936 and rural Spain when Olive Schloss, the daughter of a renowned art dealer, meets revolutionary artist Isaac Roberts, who is believed to have created the painting.
The past meets up with the future as the mysteries of this painting unravel in this poignant and addictive novel about aspiration, love and deception.

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